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Chris Brown

Entrepreneur, Attorney, & Ukulele Strummer

Chris Brown

Entrepreneur, Attorney, & Ukulele Strummer



Founder/Attorney, Venture Legal

A forward-looking law firm serving Kansas City startups, freelancers, and small businesses. We make things easy on entrepreneurs by using use cloud-based technology, digital file-sharing, electronic signatures, and online billing. (For more, read my legal bio)

Cofounder, Contract Canvas

Finally, contracts humans can read. We created Contract Canvas specifically for creative freelancers. You tell us about your project and we’ll create a “human contract” using icons and plain english. Every contract also includes legal terms more familiar to lawyers and judges and you can sign your contracts directly on our website.

Founder, b.Legal Marketing

Our team created and operates a website development and hosting platform for small law firms.

Head Chef, Brownie’s BBQ

Together with my dad (“Brownie”) and our friends, we compete and serve competition BBQ all summer long.